Chanchal and Khushi taking two plays to Canada

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Pns: National Film Award winning actor Chanchal Chowdhury and popular TV actress Shahnaz Khushi, who performed together in the award programmes for six times in the United States of America before, are taking two plays to a stage show in Toronto, Canada this time.

DhakaLive has news that Chanchal and Khushi, along with a team from Bangladesh, will participate in a stage show, which is mainly a musical show, on October 14 and 15. The event will be organised to raise funds for the physically-challenged children and distress women living in Toronto, Canada.

Chanchal and Khushi will perform in two plays titled ‘Matir Tanee’ and ‘Bhuter Swarga’ in the show. Both the plays have been written and directed by Brindaban Das. This is the duo’s first visit together to Canada and they are profoundly optimistic to enthral the audience with their performance there.

Chanchal Chowdhury said, “I went to Montreal in Canada earlier to take part in a musical show there with SI Tutul, Mosharraf Karim, Nancy and others. This is for the first time that Khushi and I are going to Toronto together with two stage plays. Undoubtedly, it feels amazing. Moreover, this is more fascinating that we are going to take part in a show that will raise funds for physically-challenged children and distress women. I have involved in this event from my sense of responsibility as a human being as well as an artiste. I am hopeful that we will receive positive response from the audience there.”

Shahnaz Khushi said, “The plays ‘Matir Tanee’ and ‘Bhuter Swarga’ would be very enjoyable to the audience. Though the beginning of ‘Matir Tanee’ is very funny and interesting, the ending is immensely emotional.

I believe both the plays will touch the hearts of the audience. It gives me immense pleasure to think that two plays from Bangladesh will be staged on the soil of Canada. I hope that considering the humanitarian fact, all Bangladeshi expatriates living in Toronto will attend the show.”

However, Chanchal and Khushi are leaving Dhaka for Toronto by a flight tonight. They will return home on October 25.

Photo courtesy l Mohsin Ahmed

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