Oindrila wishes to return to acting

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Pns: Oindrila Ahmed, daughter of the legendary late actor Bulbul Ahmed and actress Daisy Ahmed had been walking on the path of acting since childhood. However, she had not been seen in the limelight for a sometime. But this time she expressed her wish to be regular in acting once again. Many directors have also heard the news of her wanting to come back and thus they are also interested to produce tele-drama and telefilm with her.

Oindrila has only one condition and that is the character and the story should be liked by her. Otherwise, she will not come back at all. She wants to maintain the image she always portrayed in acting before. Oindrila said, “To tell you the truth, I have been related with acting since childhood. I miss acting even though I am far from it due to other work pressure. Still I get many offers for acting, but because of other things I could not do it. Now I have decided to pursue acting once again beside my regular work. If everything clicks audience will again see me acting.”

Many well-wisher and close people have been motivating her to pursue acting again and the audience would like to see her act again as they expect to see some the essence of her father. They think that she can carry out the legendary actor’s legacy. Hearing these statements, Oindrila is thinking to pursue acting once more.

The drama that Oindrila last acted was aired in television in 2005 and she disappeared after that. Oindrila first acted in tele-drama ‘Dola’ directed by Barkatullah when she was little, and under her father’s direction she starred in ‘Subha’ when she was a grown up. She acted in over 100 tele-dramas. Along with that, she became the first woman model in ‘Fair and Lovely’. She worked as a model in 16 advertisements and gave her voice in many tele-dramas’s title song. She produced a documentary on her father ‘Ek Jibonto Kingbodontir Kotha’ and wrote ‘Ekjon Mohanayok er Kotha’.

PNS/Tamanna Khan



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