Having roti/rice after your meal is healthy, finds study

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Pns: We have often been told about eating carbs. While many theories suggest that carbs are our enemies, plenty defy this theory at the same time. Numerous weight loss plans either completely deplete carbs from our diets, or treat them as a meal in itself.

Controlled blood sugar levels

A recent study conducted by BMJ Open Diabetes Research & Care concluded that eating bread after your meal can help regulate blood sugar levels and hence contribute to a healthier you.

The study

The study experimented with 16 adults with type 2 diabetes and gave them carbs, constituted differently in their meals. The group ate meals which had proteins, vegetables and carbohydrates. However, carbohydrate was served separately twice (before and after the meal) - once it was served with proteins and veggies.

How carbs affect your body

The result of this study found that eating bread post your meal can help in keeping blood sugar levels in control, while eating carbs with your meal can affect your blood sugar levels. Therefore, how carbs will affect your body depends entirely on when and what you choose to eat them with.

Weight management

High levels of insulin are responsible for weight gain. Try eating roti or rice after you're done eating your dal, subzi and salad. Track this for a week and see if this would help you as well. Further study is still on for this subject.

PNS/Tamanna Khan