Hajj passengers can pay their fees in 43 banks

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PNS News : Interested persons to go for performing hajj in 2015 can pay their fees to perform hajj in 43 banks. All passengers can take 3750 Saudi Riel with them that is equal of 1000 US Dollar. Hajj passengers, who will take the service of governments will need to pay their first installment of fees within 5 February and the amount is 151690 BDT. After paying this amount of taka the can register online or directly. To get privet service, hajj passengers need to pay 148331 BDT within 2nd February to the agency’s bank account for registering. The second and final installment of the fees need to provide within 10 Jun for government service holder and within 6 Jun for privet service holder.

PNS News/ Shabi