Shab-e-Meraj on May 16

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PNS News : The holy Lailatul Meraj will be observed on May 16 as the moon of the Rajab month of Hijri 1436 was not sighted on Sunday in the country.

The National Moon Sighting Committee took the decision after a meeting at the conference room of Islamic Foundation in the capital on the day.

Director General of Islamic Foundation Shamim Mohammad Afzal was present, among others, at the meeting.

According to the Islamic tradition, Lailat al Miraj, also known as Shab-e-Miraj, commemorates the Prophet Muhammad`s nighttime journey from Mecca to the `Farthest Mosque` in Jerusalem where he ascended to heaven, was purified, and given the instruction for Muslims to pray five times daily.

The story of Lailat al Meraj consists of two major parts. The first part of the story begins with the Prophet Muhammad at the Kabaa in Mecca. He is visited by two archangels who provide him with a mythical winged steed called Buraq. Buraq carries the Prophet to the `Farthest Mosque,` believed by Muslims to be the Al Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem, where Muhammad joins past prophets in prayer.

The Prophet then ascends to heaven where he is told by God of the duty for Muslims to pray five times daily (Salat). This second part of the journey is commonly referred to as the Meraj, an Arabic word meaning "ladder."

The events of Lailat al Meraj are described briefly in chapter 17 of the Quran, which is named "Sura Al-Isra" after the Prophet`s ascension to heaven. Many of the details of the story are filled in by hadith, supplemental writings about the life of the Prophet Muhammad.

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