Expats first in availing of NID services

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Pns: Bangladeshi expatriates will get priority in availing of National Identity (NID)-related services seeking corrections in wrong information, changing voting addresses and recollecting the NID card if the first one is lost or damaged, reports UNB.

The Election Commission (EC) has recently issued a directive to its field-level officials asking them to render NID services to expatriates within the quickest logical time giving them priority.

Following the directive issued on Sept 27, even an expatriate can authorise anyone to submit his or her mandatory supportive documents, and receive the NID card on his or her behalf. But the expatriate must be present in person at the respective upazila election office for at least once to give iris and fingerprint. The directive came amid the allegation that the expatriates are facing harassment while availing of NID services and many of them get deprived of the services due to time constraint.

The Election Commission also warned its field-level officials of stern action in case of harassment of any expatriate.

Director General of the EC's National Identity Registration Wing Brig Gen Mohammad Saidul Islam said they have issued the directive with a view to making the NID services easier for the expatriates.

“Many expatriates return home for a very short time. So, they cannot mange time to avail of the NID services. That's why we asked our officials to provide them with the services in a reasonable and quickest time,” he told UNB on Saturday.

Even, if any expatriate fails to submit mandatory supportive documents to receive the NID services, the field-officer will have to take their iris and fingerprints instantly so that the person do not need to be present there for the second time, he said.

“The expatriate can authorise anyone to submit the supportive documents and collect the NID cards in his/her absence,” the DG said.

Besides, expatriates staying abroad can apply online to receive the NID services and submit supportive documents in the EC’s website or send these by email.

Saidul said they will take stringent measures to stop public harassment in taking NID services. “We'll show zero tolerance to harassment.”

There is a legal provision for the EC officials to provide the NID services in normal cases within 30 days and in case of emergency within 15 days after receiving an application with supportive documents. The EC’s directive asked the officials to behave well with expatriates and request them to submit supportive documents later in a humble manner if they fail to do so instantly. The directive also asked the officials to report to the EC’s secretariat if the expatriates cannot submit logical supportive documents with their applications.

PNS/Tamanna Khan



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