BNP to place written proposals ahead of dialogues with EC

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Pns: BNP will place a set of proposals before the Election Commission (EC) during the dialogue with it on Sunday for holding a credible general election, said BNP secretary general Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir on Friday.

“We’ll join the dialogue with the Election Commission with a big team and place our written proposals in it. It’ll be very comprehensive, and I think it’ll remain as a milestone,” he said.

Fakhrul came up with the remarks while talking to reporters after visiting ailing BNP standing committee member Tariqul Islam at his Shantinagar residence.

He said they will clearly propose dissolving parliament before the election and deploying army during the polls. “We’ll also propose what necessary actions the administration needs to take after the announcement of the election schedule. We’ll also propose amending the RPO and introducing new rules for taking votes and holding the polls, and appointing observers.”

Fakhrul talked to Tariqul and enquired about his physical condition. He also talked to Tariqul’s family members.

Talking to reporters, Tariqul said the country’s people and all political parties want to see a neutral election. “Even, CPB yesterday (Thursday) said parliament must be dissolved before the polls. Some other parties also talked about it. Now it depends on how the government will consider it.”

He said their party wants a free, fair and neutral election so that people can exercise their right to franchise freely.

The veteran BNP leader criticised the government for arresting BNP and Jamaat leaders and activists when the EC has been holding dialogue with the political parties.

Fakhrul said their party still believes that there is a little chance for holding a credible elation if the EC does not discharge its duties independently and impartially.

“We’ve already said there is no scope for holding a fair election if it is held under the current government, especially under the current head of the government. We’ve also doubt whether a fair election is possible the way the government amended the constitution,” he said.

The BNP leader said under the current socio- political situation and amid the government’s move todestroy all institutions, including the judiciary, a fair election will never be possible to be held. “But, we must be optimistic and find out ways so that we can arrange a good and inclusive election.”

Fakhrul said they will not present their framework on an election-time supportive government in the dialogue. “We’ll give them an idea about it. We’ll also say a fair election won’t be possible without it. We’ll unveil our framework later.”

The BNP leader also came down hard on the government for the issuance of the warrants for the arrest of their chairperson Khaleda Zia in three separate cases, saying it is part of the government’s plot to keep opposition parties out of the next polls.

The Election Commission on August 24 last started dialogue with 40 registered political parties to receive their opinions over the EC's preparation for the next national election likely to be held in December 2018. So far, the Commission has held dialogues with 32 parties.

The EC will also hold talks with Awami League on October 18.

PNS/Tamanna Khan

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