Allegations against Sinha ‘cooked up to contain him’: BNP

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Pns: BNP on Monday alleged that the government is making an 'imaginary story' bringing various allegations against Chief Justice Surendra Kumar Sinha only to contain him.

"The allegations brought against the Chief Justice are nothing, but a cooked-up story. People believe that the main motive behind the allegations is to force him to resign after compelling him to leave the country in a terror style and sending him on forced leave through fraudulence," said BNP senior joint secretary general Ruhul Kabir Rizvi.

Speaking at a press conference at the party's Nayapaltan central office, he also said the government is making an onslaught on Sinha with the 'fabricated' allegations as it is suffering from a trauma following the statement given by the Chief Justice before leaving the country.

A day after Sinha left the country for Australia, the Supreme Court on Saturday issued a statement saying the Chief Justice is facing 11 charges, including money laundering and corruption.

It said President Abdul Hamid informed the five judges of the Supreme Court's Appellate Division about the allegations who later declined to conduct trial proceedings sitting in the same bench with Sinha as he could not give an acceptable explanation over those.

Rizvi questioned why the President did not take action against Sinha applying article 96 of the Constitution if he is accused of so many allegations.

He also said the President violated the constitutions by holding a meeting with the five appellate division judges excluding the Chief Justice.

The BNP leader also questioned why the government did not bring these old allegations against Sinha before the 16th amendment verdict. "It suggests the government hushes up allegations against those who help it and protect their unethical interests."

He also said the three notifications of the Law Ministry regarding the transfer of 10 key officials of the Supreme Court Administration are illegal. "It's an unprecedented incident. Before going to Australia, SK Sinha said it's only the Chief Justice jurisdiction to reshuffle the Supreme Court Administration."

Rizvi said the government is doing everything unilaterally regarding the Supreme Court to bring the judiciary under its control.

PNS/ Tamanna Khan

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