EC hopes record number voting in CCC polls

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PNS: The Election Commission (EC) hoped that a record number of votes will be cast in the Comilla City Corporation elections underway on Thursday.

According to Election Commission Secretary Mohammad Abdullah, in first four hours of the voting, on an average 40 percent vote were cast.

“Voter presence is huge. If this trend continues we hope that record amount of vote will be cast,” he said.

The secretary also said that the EC has not yet received any major complaints regarding the election.

“Half of the voting time has passed. So far we came to know that voting is taking place in festive mood. This time vote cast in Comilla might be 75-80%,” he said.

He also said out of 103 polling stations, only one polling station was suspended while voting is taking place peacefully in the rest of the centres.

PNS/Baki Billah

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