Ctg rain takes a serious turn

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Pns: Low-lying areas of Port city Chittagong were inundated by incessant rains. Heavy vehicles seen struggling to pass the areas that went under knee-deep to waist deep water. This photo was taken from busy Agrabad \'Access Road\' on Saturday

Civic life of the port city Chittagong remain paralysed till Saturday following the incessant rain accompanied with the thunder bolt and gusty wind from early Friday.

The low lying areas of the port city, ground floors of the buildings, shops and business houses were badly affected by the rain water.

Most of the areas inundated with knee deep to waist deep water in the city. Plying of city buses, public transports remained off the roads, except paddle rickshaws in the submerged areas.

Being weekly holiday on Friday, the shops owners and venders in the low lying areas could not take care of their commodities in the early morning.

The wholesale market of rice, flour, wheat and sugar in Khatunganj and Chaktai areas were badly damaged as the major godowns of these commodities are in the ground floor. Chittagong Metrological Department sources said, the current downpour occurred due to the torrential rain with the impact of Kal Baishakhi. In the last six hours, weather office recorded 69 millimeter rains.

Sources said, one third areas of the port city have been inundated creating immense sufferings to the dwellers. The shanties of the low lying areas washed away by the heavy current of water and the slum dwellers could not imagine about heavy flow of water in early morning.

It is learnt from different sources that said Kapasgola, Badurtala, Rahattarpool, Kalamiah Bazaar, Mohra, Halishahar, Pantenga, Bandar, Agrabad, Chaktai, Khatunganj, Chowkbazar and Nasirabad were submerged.
The badly affected persons are grocery shop owners, vegetable vendors, and floating commodity vendors and the slum dwellers.

Although the speed of rain was slow on Friday night, moderate rain started to pour from Saturday morning. Chaktai Khal was overflowing the Bakalia area inundating both banks of the khal yesterday noon due to high tide of the sea. Patenga weather office sources said, this torrential rain may continue up to Tuesday and local warning signal No.3 has been hoisted. The construction work of the retaining wall of the Chaktai Khal was also hampered badly.

Sources said, if the canals and drains are properly dredged before the rainy season, this type of misery would not occur. They blamed the city corporation management for this undesirable sufferings.

Meanwhile, the prices of vegetables and other essentials have gone up instantly in the kitchen markets following the damage of commodities.

District Agro Officer Aminul Haque Chowdhury told the New Nation yesterday that the major vegetable are produced in Chandanaish, Dohazari, Satkania, Banskhali, Sitakunda, Rangunia, Fatikchhari areas. The vegetable fields in these areas were damaged badly due to the incessant rain and hence the scarcity of vegetables will be witnessed this year.

Locals observed that the government should provide commodity items like rice, wheat, flour, onion, garlick and sugar in the affected areas with fair price for a certain period to relieve their miseries.

Chittagong City Corporation sources said, they spent Tk 20 crore in 2015-16 fiscal year to stop water logging in the port city. Apart from this, it has also taken several projects worth Tk 11 crore during the current fiscal year to end water logging.

Experts said, neither the city corporation nor the Chittagong Development Authority take experts' opinion in this regard. "The canals of the city have been grabbed and filled. The city corporation and CDA should take master plan to stop the water logging. But both of them ignored experts views," said Professor Swapan Kumar Palit of Chittagong University of Engineering and Technology.

Meanwhile, city Mayor AJM Nasiruddin expressed his deep sorrow over the sudden water logging in the city that caused damage of properties.

In the morning, Nasiruddin visited different areas including Bandar, Patenga, Agrabad and witnessed the sufferings of the dwellers defying the inclement weather. He expressed shock over the sudden damage of shanties and other households.

The mayor directed the engineers of the corporation to investigate the causes of water logging.

Earlier in April 4, the incessant downpour created another water logging in the city pushing the dwellers to untold sufferings.

PNS/Tamanna Khan



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