No respite from sufferings

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Pns: The picture shows piling of sand, mud, bricks and other wastes on Dutabas Road while development work is going on in the city's Baridhara diplomatic zone. Even, the residents of the locality are also facing difficulties in entering their houses. People are also compelled to parks their cars and other vehicles in a haphazard way blocking the normal movement of traffic. Not only that, it is impossible to find any officials of the authorities concerned, including Dhaka City Corporations and contracting firm, to lodge complaints about the irregularities. It is not only the scenario of Baridhara. In fact, the movements of vehicles and pedestrians have become difficult as most of the roads and footpaths in the capital city Dhaka are now unusable due to incoordinated digging by different utility services. The situation turns for the worst if there is a little rain. Besides, hundreds of ditches and potholes have created in the roads pushing the drivers to a miserable situation. Nobody knows when the people will get respite from such sufferings.

PNS/Tamanna Khan

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