Easy way to get perfect eyebrows

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PNS News desk : Transform your face by shaping your eyebrows in the right way.
Step one: Find the brows' alignment with a pencil. Hold it up in front of the nose to where the pencil aligns with the Centre of the nostrils and the high points of the Cupid's bow.

Now take your brow product and meet your brows' current bottom starting point and simply sketch or lightly swipe a line toward the nose, continuing at the angle of your natural brow. Repeat this step with the top part of the brow so that the two lines are parallel.

Softly fill in the sparse parts in between the lines. Blend with a brow brush.

Step two: From the Centre of the nose, align the pencil through the iris and on to where the brow would be. If your arch point meets the pencil then it's perfect. If not or if you want it more defined, take your brow product and sketch in the continuation of the brow out to meet that point.

Step three: To find your brow tail, align the pencil at the nose with the eye's lower water line. Start sketching in rounded strokes between the points. Avoid just drawing a line. Then blend out with a brow brush.

Step four: Take your pencil and line up the top and bottom start points with the opposite brow.

After determining the brows' meeting points, focus on the lower brow line. Keep the bottom brow line parallel to the top part of the brow line.

Step five: Align your pencil from under the lower brow point and keep it parallel to the upper brow line. Any "naked" space above the pencil should be sketched in.

Step six: Finding your inner brow arch, or the part where the inner brow starts to curve, is as simple as taking your pencil and aligning it from the upper brow arch point to the lower brow line.

Step seven: Sketch in smooth, small, circular strokes toward the tail ending point.

PNS News/ Shabi