How to celebrate a memorable Valentine's Day

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Valentines Day Couple

PNS News : Your lover or husband will expect something more from you at Valentine's Day and surely you will try to do something special for your special one. What will you do? It’s depends on you and the expectation of your lover. You are the best person to judge your lover so judge him and do something for him. But in Valentine's Day you should avoid something to celebrate a memorable Valentine's Day. Let’s see what to avoid:

* The most important thing to remember is that men are different from women. Give men some space so they can reflect on what a catch you are.

* Dress to respect all the effort put in by the man to make this day extra special for you.

* Remember to keep in mind what your dress says about your intentions —people can dress to reflect their mood subconsciously. For instance, a black low-cut neck means you’re interested; a black nun’s habit means anything but.

* Nothing sparkles more than your eye under the candlelight. Hence you should dazzle them all the way. Keep your make-up simple yet elegant for a sit-down dinner.

* Even though you have known your date for the longest time, please reserve your everyday gossip for another day. This day is about both of you.

* Leave your baggage behind and literally so. There is nothing worse than a woman scuffle through her bag to find that lip gloss. Invest into a classy clutch to carry the necessary.

PNS News/ Shabi