Sports bra-way of chosing

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Sports bra

PNS News desk : Are you thinking about buying sports bra? Are you an athleta? Do you know which bra is perfect for you? Chosing a wrong bra can damage your beautiful figure. So chose the best sports bra by analyzing the following factors:

Finding the perfect match
Finding a fitness bra can be tough. So we tested dozens of the newest ones to make sure they won’t dig in, rub you raw, or let you bounce (ouch). Read on for five that gets the job done.

Most Flattering
Built like your everyday bra with molded cups (bye-bye, uniboob!), adjustable straps, and hook-and-eye back closure, this high-impact bra lifts, separates, and shapes, keeping even D-cups in check with-out squishing. It’s a bit pricey, but you can wear it to work as well as to work out.

Most Supportive
Hop, skip, run, when you’re sporting this compression bra, you can do it all. The knitted mesh offers a firm fit that minimizes bounce and increases ventilation so you won’t overheat. And the cups are padded for a little extra size boost.

Most Sweat Resistant
Not only does this stretchy nylon-blend fabric pull moisture away from the skin, but it also dries super-fast so you don’t chafe much.

Most Comfortable
Sports bra that made of an incredibly soft polyester-and-spandex blend gives comfort. Plus, its stay-in-place crisscross straps won’t dig in to your skin. We’d buy multiples if it came in more than black or white.

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