Perfect face wash

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PNS News desk : Face washing is an essential step in cleansing. From times immemorial, individuals especially women have attached importance to use of homemade products and masks for face cleaning. At times it is also neglected and taken casually regarding the type of products, aggressiveness of use and suitability as per the skin. All in all we cannot ignore the hygiene of face as it can result in multiple implications for the skin.

1. Always use right products suited to the face. As a thumb rule use mildest facewash. Type of facewash used can vary according to skin type but look for gentle, non irritating types. Common misconception is that more the lather better is the cleaning. Rather such face washes are high on detergent content. One should try and go for milder washes preferably fragrance free to avoid allergy.

2. Use right temperature of water. Use or very cold of very hot and very cold water can either over dry skin or cause skin to look blanched.

3. Use same facewash twice daily atleast in winters and three times a day in summers followed by moisturizer. Avoid rushing out in sun immediately after washing face. Take time out to apply sunscreen.

4. Never rub your face vigorously after washing. Mop the face gently with mild towel. Also use oilfree moisturizer in acne prone skin and creamy moisturizer in dry skin within 3 minutes after facewash.

5. Don`t use Facewashes for removing makeup. Remove make up with remover or even a good moisturizer. Then wash it off with facewash. Some people like to follow cleanser, toner, moisturizer ( CTM) routine. It doesn`t work for everyone as some people can get allergic rash to toners as they are alcohol based. Always try products behind ears for 48-72 hours to see if they suit and then start using.

6. Replacements like curd or milk do not actually work. Some people prefer not to use facewash or use only homemade things as replacement like curd or milk. These are not very effective cleansers and can lead to blackheads or clogged pores. Soaps too are not a good choice as they are not ph balanced. Facewashes remain the best choice.

Face is the mirror of body. To maintain face hygiene facewashes have an important role to play. Something we all need to choose judiciously.

PNS News/ Saieduzzaman/ Hasib